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Far Right:  South American late 18th Century Virgin

Note that the restoration included making new porcelain eyes!

Left: a Before
and After of
17th Century Virgin from Toledo Spain, Wood and Canvas Dress

The Statue was dropped damaging Face, neck, both hands and dress and a large crack developed structural problems
Woodwork Restoration

Representative Restoration Work Samples of Statues, Antiques & Original Carvings
A couple of examples of wood restoration are these 2 chairs by
Pedro Friedeberg
A Mesquite Wood Carving
of my hand holding a frog
"1 Day" black walnut Cuckoo Clock
Wood Carving Relief after Albrecht Dürer
An Umbrella Stand with Hand Carving & Turning
Large "8 Day" Cukcoo Clock with Ivory Hands and dial with Ebony inserts
I make Custom Made Wood and Ivory Jewelery!
Below:  An example of Cross with Precious Stones
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Solid Mesquite Wood "Silla Frailera"
after an original model from Spain,
XVI Century.-

Detail of  the elaborate carvings of Birds, Grapes and Acorns
Ivory Hour Markers and Hands, Ebony Insert Eyes
I made both Cuckoo  Clocks from the piece of black walnut below!
Otis & Bloomfield 1893 Grand Square Piano  (Before and After)
Above a Recent Total  Restoration 1920's Buffet. Below a
Victorian English Mantel Clock currently being restored and Hacienda Chairs, Carved Leather Seats Circa 1820

U.S. Customs Broke the 3 feet from this chair for inspection when Art Collector imported this piece...!
A couple of fingers had been poorly restored, the head fell off braking under neck area. See severe face and hand damages
Aditional Photographs Coming Soon!
Pedro Friedeberg "Errores Rectificados"  (Auctioned at Sotheby's)
3 Broken Fingers
Another one of my original carvings is this Gothic Style Crucifix carved in Texas Native Ebony with no Stain or Varnish Hand Buffed for a Natural Color
Some of My Original Woodworks/Carvings and Clocks
Miniature 3"High Friedeberg
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30 " High
Inside face was damaged by Woodworm infestation
Had to carve 30% of missing face/made new porcelain eyes
Restored right hand below and carved missing left hand
Treated for insect infestation and restored base and feet
Carved to match new missing feet
A 1931 German Signed One of a kind hand carved Black Forest Walnut "Elf".  This piece was brought back to the US in 1945 by a US soldier as a gift for his daughter. The piece had been broken and missing parts ever since! Today "Elf" is back alive in one piece after restoration.
Scrapbook Images....
Sacred Heart Church Side Altar Raised Panels
Brownsville, Texas, 1912
An Insect Infestated Cherub Foot Base, Mexican Colonial XVII Century Wood Sculpture
Work In Progress
The Making of a Catholic Church Altar, Missing Towers & Elements
From computer generated design to Building Missing Parts and Gilding
Old World Craftsmanship. A lost trade. Hard to find patience and desire...The joy of creating and leaving my signature behind.- What better place than Church!
Working from scratch beginning with the generation of Scaled Drawings with measurements to the actual development of the project, from raw wood to Gold Gilding and the reproduction of fine moldings and Architectural motifs and missing elements, we are a one stop studio serving the religious community's needs.

A Circa 1950's Japanese Wooden Bird
Carved New Legs & Stained  To Match
Fully Articulated Cuckoo Birds open beak & Move Wings