Art Restoration, Painting Restoration, Photo Restoration

Art Restoration, Painting Restoration, Photo Restoration, Ivory Repair,
Restoration of Paintings
Above: Mexico's Valley, Jose Maria Velazco School, XIX century.-
Note the Cleaning Work in Progress...Additional Damages Start to Show Up
August Lohr, Valle de Mexico, 1894   ( Oil On Canvas 10 X 4 feet )
PLAZA DE TOLUCA XIX Century Mexican Painting
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Seth Eastman Painting, circa 1848
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With my expertise in photograph restoration, retouching and enhancement services, I make sure that those special memories originally captured in your old photograph, are restored to original quality, and digitally preserved for generations to come - beyond the capability of old paper and chemicals. My photographic conservation service includes the restoration of stained, scratched, water damaged, mildewed, faded or old torn photos - even the reconstruction of missing pieces. I can, in some severe damage instances, reconstruct and restore images beyond expectations by performing digital plastic surgery!  My services are the best available, with over 15 years of experience in imaging restoration.  I offer what others can’t: your photographs will be restored by a professional artist, with the right “eye”, approach and historical respect for your images - I am not an amateur or unexperienced digital technician. After restoration, I offer a wide variety of printed formats, from traditional photographic paper in any size (including posters), to family albums, coffee mugs, digital frames and many other media to suit your needs! Banners are also available in any size - even murals!
Restoration of Photographs
"San Jose"  XVIII Century
By Miguel Cabrera

Corners were cut in an angle with a saw! I repaired the canvas with original period canvas to achieve an almost invisible restoration!
Honoring the Guidelines of the American Institute of Conservators

Juan O'Gorman  (cleaning work in progress)
Above: Jose Luis Cuevas, Aqua Tinta Etching , Circa 1980
Above:  a W. Webb painting, Oil on Canvas, circa 1870
A Mexican Colonial Archangel Painting Circa 1710  showing the before and after restoration state.

See the back re-lining below - it had been damaged by wax pouring in a previous restoration attempt.