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It's quite simple:
paintings and decorative arts deteriorate over time.
Do you own a piece of art or have you found a piece you'd like to purchase that is broken or requires restoration?

Talk to someone who loves bringing art back to life!

I'm Pablo Noriega-Urbina and I love art. That’s why I’m an art restorer & conservator, oil painter, master carver in wood, ivory and much more - For over 30 years I have worked with many types of art and antiques, bringing them back to life!

For more than four generations of family artists descending from Austria, Spain and Mexico, the old master techniques of painting, restoration & conservation are still alive in our family. Our studio is located in South Texas. - Many of our artwork restoration jobs come from or go to prestigious art dealers such as Sotheby's or Christie's as well as small & large collectors and private dealers worldwide.

Day to day, I continue the tradition of art conservation, always with the utmost respect for the piece of art, the author, and the history behind it.  

I utilize state of the art materials and techniques, combined with the experience and wisdom passed on through the generations. Most importantly, my work is done with passion, patience and the pursuit of perfection! 

I invite you to take the time to look at the many examples of my work throughout our website which are just the tip of the Iceberg!

"We do it right or we won't do it at all!

Our Services Include
Look at how I do it...

  1. I examine your object before suggesting a treatment. Prior to beginning a treatment, I provide for your review and approval a written preliminary examination report with a description of the proposed treatment, expected results, and estimated cost. I consult you during the treatment if any serious deviation from the agreed-upon proposal is needed.

  2. Cost and Schedule: I am always willing to discuss the basis of treatment for all charges. When necessary, I provide you with separate rates for preliminary examination and evaluation. Sometimes I have a backlog of work; please inquire if a waiting period is necessary before new work can be accepted. PayPal and credit cards are accepted.

  3. Documentation: I provide a treatment report when treatment is completed. Such reports vary in length and form, and they include materials and procedures used. The final report always includes photographic records which document condition before and after treatment. Recommendations for continued care and maintenance may also be provided. All records are retained for reference in case the object requires treatment in the future.
  • Paintings in all mediums, from simple cleaning to major restoration

  • Restoration of objects of art and furniture veneered in ivory, including: pierced ivory panels, engraved ivory panels and veneers, ivory carving and turning

  • Wood art including carving pieces, frames, gilding, statues, and more!

  • Antiques of many kinds, from small to large, from minor to major damage.

  • Gold leaf gilding

XVIII Century  Ivory and Silver Saint Michael Archangel
An Ivory Japanese Meiji period Horse (1868-1912)
Diego Rivera, 1936
(Water Damage Restoration)
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Based in  South Texas, serving customers worldwide since 1984

   Insurance claims welcome!
Mr. Pablo Noriega-Urbina
  Two different examples: 1880's  Mosler Safe & Lock Co. Fully Restored  Safes Including Oil Painting Scenes on doors
1906 Hall Safe & Co.       I Hand Painted Floral Motiffs in Oil Inside Doors
Late 18th Century Spanish Madona

Studio Carved Frames for our 19th Century Family Tree documenting our history of Art & Conservation through many generations!
Carving missing
parts from
Ivory pieces
a) Broken Neck-Fingers-Dress
b) After Restoration

Above: Vatican Swiss Guard,
Self Portrait 2003 A.D.
Your artwork is safe in my studio!
Jose Luis Cuevas, Aqua Tinta Etching, Circa 1980,
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All Artwork Restoration Images are published with customers approval. Many pieces are not displayed at customer's request
Finished Reclaimed Ivory Hands
Meiji Period Ivory Geisha  (Before Restoration)
Above: After Complete Restoration
New Basket segments were carved to match original
A French "PetiteJean" Portable Safe, circa 1902
Last Update February  2017
I offer restoration and conservation of  fine objects of art, including but not limited to:
gold leaf gilding, marquetry, boulle, ivory, tortoiseshell, brass inlay, mother-of-pearl
and marble.

Work undertaken for historic houses, museums, private collections and dealers world-wide.

Got Questions or need a quote? Call me for details at (956) 909-7905 or email your inquiry & photographs to:
Gilding Services - Gold Leaf - Antique Frames Restoration
Gilding consists of applying a very thin metal leaf over an object or surface to enhance it and give a beautiful reflective finish. It is a very old craft, we utilize traditional techniques and real 23 Karat Gold.

You will find examples of gilding throughout my webpage in Frames, Colonial Art Etc...
There are two main gilding techniques employed. The first, and by far the finest gilding finish, can only be obtained with the traditional Water Gilding technique. This technique allows for special brilliant and matte effects distinguishing it from any other techniques. Water gilding can be used only for indoor projects.

Water Gilding is used most commonly on wood, but can also be used on surfaces that can retain the base coat, such as plaster, stone, etc. This gilding method is the most challenging and time consuming, but the end result is the finest and gives the most beautiful finish in gilding. The advantages of a gold gilding leaf finish, as opposed to mere gold-colored finishes, are finer reflectivity, stability and durability will last for centuries.
We use 23 1/4 ct Finest English Gold Leaf and other metals, samples of which are available prior to any specific project. These are then applied using oil gilding or water gilding techniques. 

The finish can then be distressed or aged to create a consistent authentic feel with existing decor or architecture. We can advise on the need for this at an initial consultation.
An Ivory Persian Miniature (Actual Size) B4 & After
Above: A Before and After restoration of a W. Webb 19th Century British Oil Painting
Take a look at my latest and largest
Ivory restoration in our Ivory Repair Section!
Pedro Friedeberg B4 & After Restored Hands
a) Broken Feet
b) And BrokenWings
c) Complete Restoration
1930 Rufino Tamayo
As featured in:
Carving in progress
This Website only shows our work  from 2008 to date
however many pieces are not displayed at the request of our customers who re-sell restored art.  You only see the tip of the iceberg!!

Before               After
Before               After
Before               After
Building a Cathedral Altar from scratch, from design and reproduction of the missing 1860's Altar to the actual construction of the project.

When completed, Bishop Flores consecrated the altar as shown in photos.- Note that we also hand painted walls behind altar to match the original walls as found under the many layers of plaster added throughout decades of disrepair and inaccurate additions to the original design.

Angels on the sides were also restored from a very poor condition to the perfect state of restoration as shown
B                        A
D                             C
Pablo Noriega-Urbina working on the altar restoration
Sacred Heart before and after.